Entrenched gender roles threaten women’s longevity in research careers

Denise Costich, senior scientist and head of CIMMYT’s maize germplasm bank, conducting field work in Spain with daughter Mara, 1986 (left). On the right, Costich holds maize cobs grown by a farmer on the Nevado de Toluca volcano in Mexico. Photos courtesy of Denise Costich and Jennifer Johnson/CIMMYT.

Despite over a decade of implementing policies and programs to promote gender equity in research, some countries have seen women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers stagnate and even decrease in some fields.

Crop and bio-economic modeling for an uncertain climate


The potential impact of climate change on agriculture and the complexity of possible adaptation responses require the application of new research methods and tools to develop adequate strategies, writes Gideon Kruseman.

Healthy soils for a healthy, food secure future

Humanity relies on soils for food production. 95 percent of our food comes from soil. Healthy soils are vital for a healthy and food secure future. Photo: CIMMYT

Humanity relies on soils not only for food production but also for a range of vital ecosystem services, its health is essential to a healthy and food secure future.

Strategizing for the future: adapting to a changing agricultural landscape


Forging major change is never simple, but one of my top priorities upon taking the helm at CIMMYT as director general last year was to develop a new five-year institutional strategy.

Gazing into the crystal ball at the future of food: Nutrient-dense maize and wheat

A scientist examines wheat grain. CIMMYT/Nathan Russell

Diversity is important for finding traits that will allow maize and wheat to be more nutritious than they are already today and so aid in meeting the demands of the future, writes Gideon Kruseman, CIMMYT ex-ante and foresight specialist

Unpacking our biases for better gender research

Shelley Feldman, recently retired professor at Cornell University, gives a keynote speech on gender balance in agriculture at CIMMYT’s 50th anniversary conference. CIMMYT/Alfonso Arredondo. MEXICO CITY (CIMMYT) — Women play a crucial role in agricultur …

African Conservation Tillage Network CEO calls for high level support of conservation agriculture

Regional and national support for conservation agriculture is key to achieving widespread sustainable production intensification says Saidi Mkomwa, CEO African Conservation Tillage Network.

A Chat With: DuPont Pioneer president points to technology to boost yields

New innovations will improve farming productivity said DuPont Pioneer President Schickler. Photo: CIMMYT/ Peter Lowe

Data and predictive analytics can help seeds reach their full yield by providing farmers with information and management advice, said DuPont Pioneer President Peter Shickler.

Are cows the next development boom for smallholder farmers?

Ben Makono (left) has fed his cattle a legume-based diet and seen their selling price rise by an average of USD 200 per cow. Photo: Johnson Siamachira/CIMMYT.

Smallholder livestock farmers in Zimbabwe are rapidly increasing profits thanks to a pivot to new sustainable agriculture initiatives.

A Chat With: Mark Lynas – sustainable agriculture key to food security amid climate change

Environmentalist Mark Lynas

Sustainable agricultural practices are key to feeding the global population in the face of climate change said Environmentalist Mark Lynas.


    Thoughts from CIMMYT’s director general Martin Kropff